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Heyy! It's Ginger! I've been perfecting SIMPLE social media growth strategies for 5+ years, that are responsible for an average increase of up to 63% on instagram don't have to take my word for it....check out what people are saying

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Now I'm giving fempreneurs just like you, the opportunity to grow their nstagram presence with the EXACT strategies I've used to amass 80k followers


However, My Program Is Not For Everyone...This Is Only For You If

▪️ You are serious about maximizing the potential of your instagram platform

▪️ Willing to invest your time and money into perfecting your instagram marketing skills

▪️ Are ready to absorb & act on newly obtained information

▪️ Are willing to break out of your comfort zone

▪️ Are willing to hold yourself accountable for putting in the necessary work

▪️ Are an action taker


The power of Instagram in the 21st century is truly unmeasurable...and that won't be changing anytime soon

Whether you've started a business or are looking to start a business this year

It's become a necessity to know how to grow your Instagram account...especially if you run a strictly online business

In fact....your business can scale much faster than you think, if you're leveraging your Instagram account to it's fullest extent

It has the power to be the catalyst between you making 4 figures vs. 5 figures...And even 6+ figures monthly, within a short time


You have access to TESTED and PROVEN strategies that you've either obtained from your own experience or from an EXPERT like me 

Now....perfecting your own growth strategies is possible


It will take tons of time testing & waiting to see if your actions will actually yield positive results

Keep in mind...the ever-changing complex instagram algorithm doesn't make your journey any easier


You have the opportunity to get DETAILED GUIDANCE from someone who has already gone through the 

Nitty-Gritty of the Instagram space

Someone who has experienced days seeing no positive changes in my 

Reach, engagement, followers, likes & even comments

Those were times where I wanted to completely stop 

Throw in the towel and say to h*ll with this Instagram nonsense

But....I didn't give up...And came out on TOP

I went through all of the growing pains while PERFECTING my Instagram growth strategies 

So, others like you, who truly want to maximize the potential of their Instagram account don't have to

And once you have access to my PROVEN strategies, Instagram marketing as a whole will become a PIECE OF CAKE 🍰 


My Growth Strategies Have Worked In Many Niches & Verticals Such As

✅ Life Coaching

✅ Business Coaching

✅ Social Media Management

✅ Teeth Whitening

✅ Digital Marketing

✅ Jewelry

✅ E-commerce

✅ Health/Fitness Coaching

✅ Influencers/Personal Branding

✅ Network Marketing


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In Empowered Empire Instagram Academy You Will Learn

✔️ How To Effectively Market Your Services On Instagram

✔️ How to Set Your Instagram account Up For Success From Day 1 Without Any Guess Work

✔️ The Little-Known Call To Actions To Get Your Customers Coming To You

✔️ A Simple Strategy To Optimize Your Bio To Keep Potential Customers On Your Page

✔️ The Strategy Behind Creating Headline Formats That Make You Go Viral

✔️ High Converting DM Responses

✔️ The #1 Way To Get Your Followers To Engage Through Comments & DMs

✔️ And Much More

If You Put The Work In...Your Instagram Empire Will Be Fortified With Your Target Audience...Let's Make Today DAY ONE

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What Makes Empowered Empire Different?

You have many choices when it comes to online learning. 

What makes Empowered Empire the right choice for you?

Empowered Empire is a Hybrid Program, meaning you will have access to an online course, bi-weekly group sessions, and one-on-one sessions with Ginger to customize your learning experience and get all of your questions answered.

Payment Plan


for 4 months

Total $1600

  • Payments withdrawn each month 30 days from the previous payment

One-Time Payment


Total $1500


  • You save $100 on enrollment